Rocket Rewards

Unlike traditional staking which keeps control and responsibility in the hands of the Team, PlanetMoon allows Teams to offer token holders the rewards they want and gives the token Team long-term viability - without uncertain liability.

For Investors:

The PlanetMoon dApp is a social defi space where investors find and engage with token teams, share Alpha with other investors, and take action – starting with Trustless Reward Campaigns – or Rocket Rewards, as we call them. With Rocket Rewards, you hold the contract, and the tokens, in your wallet and your word is your bond. You never give up control, you just reap the rewards.

For Tokens Teams:

Token Teams can amplify their brands and create Hodlr reward contracts called Rocket Rewards. Any token, no matter how new, can launch a campaign. Rocket Rewards for token teams who want to reward their investors and yet off-load control of their Tokenomics as a path to listing on major exchanges (which may bar certain token features).

How To Invest Tokens As An Investor

Step 1: Browse

In the browse campaigns section, find the campgin you want to invest in. Click on the detail to visit the campaign profile.

Step Image

Step 2: Visit the campaign profile

Make sure the campaign is the one you intend to invest.

Step Image

Step 3: Click on Invest Tokens

Go to the bottom of the page. Make sure campaing is active and you have relavent tokens in your wallet. Click on invest tokens button

Step Image

Step 4: Click on approve

If you don't have enough tokens in your wallet, then you won't be able to invest. If you have enough, then you have to select an investment duration, select the amount of tokens you want to invest and then approve the tokens to the reward manager contract.

Step Image

Step 5: Click on confirm

After successful approval, you are ready to invest. Click on confirm and proceed the transaction.

Step Image

Step 6: Check the investment NFT

After successfully minting the reward NFT, you should be able to find the NFT in your profile which will have all the details about the investment. You can redeem your investment any time but it is better to wait till the investment period is complete to avoid any early withdrawl panalty.

Step Image

How To Create A Rocket Reward Campaign

Step 1: Become a member

To create a Rocket Reward Campaign, you must first become a member of PlanetMoon. If you are not a member then you should be able to see this screen. Simple click on membership and become a member by clikcing on 'Become a member' button.

Step Image

Step 2: Select A Campaign Type

There are three types of campaigns.

  1. Silver: Standard Rocket Rewards Campaign which allows investors to earn Rocket Rewards
  2. Gold: Standard+20,000 unique ad views +1 week of PM daily social media posting
  3. Platinum: Standard+40,000 unique ad views + 1 month of PM daily social media posting

Step Image

Step 3: Choose a name and symbol for campaign.

This name and symbol will be used for minting investment tokens to the investors.

Step Image

Step 4: Write/paste the ERC20 token address

This ERC20 token will be the investment token for the investors and you should have the enough amount to start this investment campaign.

Step Image

Step 5: Attach your profile or a team with campaign (Optional)

You can attach you profile or a team profile with this campaign. This is optional and you can also select none. If you did attach your profile or a team profile, then you will be able to see creator section on the campaign page. You can't change it in future.

Step Image

Step 6: Add your project description and socials (optional)

Add project's description Ids of your socials. These Are optional and you can rewrite them in future.

Step Image

Step 7: Continue

Click on continue button to go to the next section.

Step Image

Step 8: Select number of tokens you want to add in the giveaway pool initially

These tokens will be irrecoverable and will be used for the giveaway pool. You can't change it in future.

Step Image

Step 9: Select A UTC time to kickoff the campaign

At this pricise time, campaign will kickoff and investors will be able to invest in this campaign. This time should be in future and there is no expiration time for any campaign.

Step Image

Step 10: Select investment durations and ROIs for the investments

You can select multiple investment durations and ROIs for the investments. You can't change it in future. You have to select at least one and at most all of the investment duration and ROI.

Step Image

Step 11: Approve tokens

Approve the selected tokens to the campaign manager contract. In next steps, these tokens will be take away from you to put in the reward campaign contract.

Step Image

Step 12: Continue

After approving tokens, click on continue button to go to the next section.

Step Image

Step 13: Upload profile image and cover

Upload the profile image and cover for your campaign. You can change it later.

Step Image

Step 14: Review your campaign

Review your campaign and click on back if you want to change anything. If everything is fine then click on continue button.

Step Image

Additional: Update Campaign data

Once campaign is created, you can update the campaign data. You can update the campaign data by clicking on the update button on the campaign page.

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